Title: Degraded

Author: irukandji

Main Character: Ukraine

Summary: Eventually, her stomach, so very full, shrieked and sobbed; it could tolerate no more. She could eat no more, and her mind awakened. Repulsion and shame consumed her; she was abhorrent. What a grotesque fool she was! Binging was a necessity to her life. Without her binges, she could not survive.

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Anonymous said:
Thank you very much for replying to my question about overweight/binge eating fics. Unfortunately, I can't read German, but I'll take a look at the other one. Again, thanks. :)

You’re welcome :-) I’m just trying to help.
Btw, I found a new story about binge eating, written by irukandji. You can find the link to the story in my next post ;-)

answered 3 days ago @ 16 Sep 2014
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Anonymous said:
After discovering some things I've written on here, I don't know if I should be pleased that my writing is liked, or displeased that they were taken without my permission...

Hi, Anon! :-)

I respect every author/artist and therefore I make sure the names of the authors/artists and a link to their profile/blog are always included in the postings. Giving credit to the authors/artists is very important for me. I never copy fics, I don’t take anyone’s art/writing and claim it as mine. In the created posts on my blog I only link to the stories, so I’d say the posts are a kind of recommendation. Similar to a list of favourite stories or if someone shares/likes a link to a story via twitter/FB/… by using the ‘share’-button on ff.net. Whoever wants to see the story then has to visit the actual page where the author posted his work.

As it’s mentioned on the About-Page: Every artist/author who doesn’t want her/his work to be recommended here can write me a message and I’ll delete the relevant post(s) immediately. Please let me know if you want me to delete anything for you, ok? I can assure you that it’s not my intention to upset or annoy anyone. This is just a page full of ‘likes’, so to say.

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Anonymous said:
Hello. I've noticed that most of these stories are about a certain character being bulimic, anorexic or underweight. Do you also have or post fanfiction where a certain character is overweight or binge eats?

Hi, Anon! :)

It’s really hard to find eating disorder stories where the characters are overweight and/or binge eat. I don’t really remember many stories fitting your search criteria but I’ve to admit I haven’t read all the stories out there.

However, I remember the fic “Lament" (deals with binge eating) and a kink meme request (a fill exists but it’s unfinished which is a shame because personally I really like this request).
If you understand German you can also read the story “Fake for your life!" (America and Russia are both overweight due to an eating disorder).

Apart from that, I don’t have any other recommendations but there’re probably more fics out there. Maybe other followers who read this can help?

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ilaikrainbowz said:
Do you know of any where Scotland has the ED? I know that's a difficult one because he is not an official character. If you can't find any, do you know any where Denmark or Igwad have the disorder? :3

Hi, ilaikrainbowz! ^^

I’m afraid I’m not a big help here. I know exactly one fic with an eating disordered Denmark which is called “Immune”, and some other fics where he’s a main character (you can find them here).

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Title: Lament

Author: irukandji

Main Character: Seychelles

Summary: Famished and abused, survival had seized her and forced her to devour all that was edible. She held no power over her actions, and it seemed unfathomable that she had ever held power over her actions. The sensations of her body did not feel like her own; it was as though she experienced her physical being secondhand.

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the-girl-with-meny-fandoms said:
Have you got any japan fanfics i could read?

Hi, the-girl-with-meny-fandoms! ^^
The Misunderstandings of Sushi" is the only story that comes to my mind. Japan is one of the main characters though he’s not the one with the eating disorder.

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Anonymous said:
Do you have anything for Hongice?

Hi, Anon! I’m sorry to say that I don’t know any Hongkong/Iceland fics dealing with an eating disorder ;(

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Title: Structure

Author: irukandji

Main Character: Iceland

Summary: How dare they confiscate his sovereignty in the name of “love and health?” His body was his own to control; thus, his destruction was also his own to control. It was absolutely absurd and unfathomable that they cared. Yet he was helpless to their love, and immobilized in their grasps and their selflessness.

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Title: Starved

Author: shakycanadian

Main Characters: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania

Summary: Latvia starts to notice that there is a lack of food and starts to starve himself so that there would be more for the other nations.

- - - - -

Thank you for submitting this story, melancholichooves! :)

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